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Metal displays

directly from manufacturer

We can produce everything that can be made of metal, whether it is a goods rack, metal shop equipment or workshop equipment. If required, the manufactured product may be developed in combinations with other materials (plastic, wood, etc.). If you choose us, you will find a reliable partner if you want to create either standardized production or production of individual goods. In our workshop we can carry out the following activities: locksmith, welding, painting and assembling. Environment is the central issue in our business, whether it is POS, POP, industrial products or logistics products!

Metal displays

Products, manufactured by us, are made according to individual needs. There are cases when we manufacture products according to ready plans from our partners, but there are also cases when our developers our involved into the process of design. Stands and displays made of metal can be used for presentation of the most varied scale of products. Their big advantages are durability and high load-bearing capacity; moreover, they are easily adaptable to different kinds of communication. Therefore, different brands can use the same stand. However, the only disadvantage of metal stands is their transportation because of their weight. Besides stands placed on the ground, we also manufacture overhead stands, even if standardized production is needed.

Garnier display Glisskur fém állvány Pedigree fém display

Pepsi fém display Fanta fém display Coca-Cola fém display

Illuminated advertising boards & signs

If you wish to place the sign either outside the building or inside it, you can always count on us. We offer you a wide range of solutions whether you are interested in lighting or non-lighting solutions. It can be a box lighting, including Plexiglas (or even three-dimensional vacuum), or stretched foil lighting. Another big group is the letter box lighting, which can be LED lighted or fluorescent lighted. Placement can be done on plane wall, cantilevered, roof advertising or even a pylon.

Bols világító tábla húzott neon Tinto fino világító logó Bricostore világító tábla Cib Bank világító tábla Marks and Spancer világító tábla Aro világító tábla Egyéb slim világító táblák

3D - Metal products

Our work is being helped by a team of 3D design engineers, who, when designing a product, will also take into consideration that the manufactured goods have to be not only beautiful, but have to have a realistic purpose. In the majority of cases we prefer to make a sample, but there are cases when first visualization is necessary on the road to implementation.

Borsodi display látványterv Borsodi display látványterv Garnier fém állvány Pedigree fém állvány Pepsi állvány látványterv Philip Morris állvány terv Masterfood sziget terv

Metal pavement advertising boards

We can manufacture A-frame advertising banners from the simplest and the most optimally priced products to more elaborate structures both for indoor and outdoor use. The design can be unique or our own labeled with click-frame.

Aro fém megállítótábla Flexshelf Trilak fém megállítótábla Trilak fém megállítótábla2

Poster frames

Aluminum poster frames with snapping frame are suitable for exposition of posters and advertisements. They are available in almost any dimension either with rounded or rectangular corners. The frame can be of different width with anodized profile in silver finish, or may be colored to any RAL colour. In order to protect the posters, the advertising banners are delivered with UV-protected anti-glare film.

Aro fém megállítótábla Aro fém megállítótábla Aro fém megállítótábla Aro fém megállítótábla

Other metal products

Do not put barriers to your ideas; we can manufacture anything that can be manufactured of metal. Whatever you have dreamt of, we can make your dream come true! We also manufacture hooks, spikes, metal articles, alignment tabs, industrial boxes, carts for parts transportation, etc.

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